Our cakes use only the best ingredients to ensure they're not only beautiful, but delicious! Over the years, we've perfected our recipes and continually explore new flavors to keep things exciting. Our menu offers traditional favorites to tasty unique creations. If there's something special your heart desires, we are happy to work with you to make that happen!


Vanilla Vanilla

vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream

Chocolate Vanilla

chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream

Vanilla Chocolate

 vanilla cake, chocolate buttercream

Birthday Cake

vanilla cake, rainbow sprinkles, vanilla buttercream, birthday cake crumble

Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate

chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, chocolate buttercream

Cookies and Cream

chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, oreo ganache, oreos


 vanilla cake, chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream, chocolate ganache


Vanilla Caramel

vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, caramel

Sweet N' Salty

chocolate cake, caramel buttercream, chocolate ganache, caramel, sea salt


chocolate cake, mocha buttercream, chocolate ganache

Red Velvet

Red velvet cake, cream cheese buttercream


vanilla cake, chocolate cake, strawberry buttercream, vanilla buttercream, chocolate ganache

Chocolate Raspberry

chocolate cake, raspberry preserves, raspberry buttercream, chocolate buttercream


vanilla cake, strawberry preserves, strawberry buttercream

Premium Flavors

Pineapple Caramel

vanilla cake, pineapple compote, caramel buttercream, graham cracker crumble


vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream, lemon curd, shortbread crumble

Beer and Pretzels

chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, stout caramel, chocolate ganache, pretzel crumble


carrot cake, cream cheese buttercream, ginger snap crumble

Cookie Dough

 vanilla cake, chocolate chip cookie dough buttercream, cookie dough crumble







 Serving sizes are based on our cutting guides using industry standard 1"x2"x5"pieces. Servings per cake may vary depending on who is cutting the cake and cannot be guaranteed. If you prefer larger slices, consider ordering a larger size cake.

Every day

Our Every Day cakes are simply elegant and delicious. A beautiful, classic cake option for any occasion.

A variety of flavors are offered for pick-up daily on a first come, first served basis.

4” serves 6 = $21
6” serves 14 = $32
8” serves 24 = $41
10” serves 38 = $58
12” serves 53 = $88

4” serves 6 = $26
6” serves 14 = $37
8” serves 24 = $46
10” serves 38 = $63
12” serves 53= $93

4” serves 6 = $31
6” serves 14 = $42
8” serves 24 = $51
10” serves 38 = $68
12” serves 53 = $98

Special Occasion

Our Special Occasion cakes are the perfect fit for anyone needing a unique solution for their event. 

A minimum 7 day notice is required.

Prices vary depending on design. 

Visit our gallery or contact us for more information.

WEDDING + custom

Our wedding and custom cakes are crafted to complement the theme of your special occasion.  

Custom cakes and wedding cake orders must be placed in person, a minimum of 14 days in advance.

Minimum order for all custom cakes is $150. 3D or sculpted cakes start at $300. Certain elements, such as sugar flowers and figures, are priced individually.

To see some of our latest custom cake designs, visit our gallery. For more information please contact us.