Following your dream

Following your dream ultimately begs the question,

Should I follow my dream?

This is one of those questions that messes with your mind. People who have succeeded in achieving their aspirations say, Yes! Don’t ever give up! While those who ditched them to live a sensible existence often look regretfully into the distance and talk about the book they never wrote, the mountain they never climbed and the million dollar ideas that were shelfed because of this or that, but they always know exactly why it didn’t work for them. But for those who chase near impossible hopes and don’t actually succeed, what about them? Should they not have bothered? Is it better to have loved and lost? Or, when we are most vulnerable, when our deepest passions and our brightest ideas fail, how do we handle that?

For me, I’ve spent decades trying to figure that out for myself. I’ve enjoyed great success and I’ve been apart of huge failures. However, I’m so atrocious at promotion I doubt I’ll ever set the world alight. So I ask myself, If that is it, have I wasted my life? Am I sorry?

Fortunately, my answer is No, or this would be depressing.

I’m not rich or famous, but I’m proud of how I’ve lived, and my driving force has always been baking, without it I would have been lost. In pursuit of recipes and techniques, I’ve traveled and worked across the country, seeking out adventure and fascinating people. I’ve conjured up new techniques of my own in the delicate balanced world of baking and I’ve had some pretty ridiculous ideas to play with. Those who order or taste my baking often love whatever it is my heart is ablaze with turning out, and I’ve made good friends through them.  And finally, I don’t think there is any other way I could have lived that would have given me the same sense of purpose or have made me as happy. Baking has pushed me to keep asking questions, to revel in the strange and the beautiful.

I regret nothing.

But then, should you follow your dreams? The solution is never going to be easy, but here are a few questions which might help.

Does pursuing them make you happy, regardless of success?

Does the chase enrich your life? Give you purpose?

If yes, then chase away. Not to achieve success, but for the thrill of it. If not, then you may have some more complex soul searching to do and might I suggest a CakePint from the The Cake Studio in Phoenix Md. while you are doing your soul searching?

A slice of cake and ponderance to your own purpose!

What a wonderful world! 

“When the brain blazes like a bonfire, we no longer need to ask why we are alive.”

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